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What size are the bounce houses?
Our bounce houses vary in size and their dimensions and descriptions are on each individual bounce house page. Ideally you should have a couple of feet all around the unit. We need a minimum of 4 feet wide in order to get the bounce house into your backyard or the area of your choice.
How long can I keep the bounce house?
Our bounce house rentals are for an entire day. This is from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm at night. The drop off time is subject to our current delivery schedule. If there are many people already scheduled for deliveries in front of you, you must wait your turn.
Can I keep the equipment overnight?
There is an increased liability from operating the units in the dark. However, if the bounce house is going to be in a backyard and in a safe area (Not an area that could possibly get stolen) we do offer overnight rentals for a fee of $25. If you opt to do the overnight rental, the unit will be picked up the next day anywhere from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
Does it cost extra for holidays?
There is a holiday charge of $25.00 for inflatables. Holidays where this applies are Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
What is the condition of your equipment?
Our equipment gets cleaned and sanitized after each use. Most party rental companies in the Antelope Valley do not clean their equipment and thus their price is reflected in their quality. We expect the equipment to come back in the same condition it left. Normal wear & tear is understandable. If the rules of our Rental Agreement are not adhered to (silly string, gum, excessive dirtiness) then a $50.00 cleaning fee will be automatically imposed.
Do you set up in parks?
Most definitely! We set up in parks all over the Antelope Valley. Some parks charge you a fee and you have to fill out paper work in order to do this. We do not pay for that extra fee. The only difference, at a park, is that it might require a generator if no power exists. Consult with the city you are looking to have your party in and ask if their parks have power.
Do you have insurance?
Absolutely! We carry a two million dollar insurance policy that covers any injuries resulting from ride failure or negligence on the part of The Party Place.
Will I need a generator?
Only if there is not power available where you want to set up. We need a standard 110V household outlet with a 20 amp circuit. If a blow-drier will work on high heat in an outlet our equipment should operate.
How much does it cost to run the equipment?
Typically if costs less than two dollars a day to run each piece of equipment.
Can adults go on the equipment?
Most of our equipment is designed for children and young adults but a lot of the units, including most of the inflatables, can accommodate adults.
What is your policy on rain?
We do not normally set up equipment if it is raining. Some units can be set up, others cannot. If it starts to rain after your equipment has been set-up you will not receive a rain check. If you insist on having the equipment set-up on a rainy day there will be no rain check issued.
Who sets the equipment up?
We deliver and set up all of our bounce houses. We do not set up tables and chairs. We provide any extension cords, hoses or any other equipment necessary to the operation of the equipment. All we need from you is a fairly level area to set up and a power and/or water source.
Where can I have the equipment set-up?
Most of the inflatables can be set-up on any surface such as grass, concrete and dirt. We absolutely, under no circumstance, will set up on loose dirt or sand. The cleaning associated with this is astronomical. We only need access 4 feet wide to get most inflatables into your yard using a hand truck or dolly.
How do I know you will show up?
As stated on our home page we our in our 6th year of business. While problems sometimes arise we have completed over 99.9% of our deliveries. The only times where a delivery has not been made has been because of an extreme set of circumstances such as an accident with one of our trucks. We pride ourselves on our prompt delivery and every conceivable effort is made to ensure your delivery is completed. This is not a side-business for us. This is what we do 7 days a week 365 days a year. We have over 2,400 square feet of interior space to house all of our equipment inside. We do not decide at the last minute to take the weekend off and cancel our deliveries.